Amani’s worldwide delivery service

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Amani is the most excellent service provider regarding product delivery. We deliver our items across the globe by our local delivery groups DHL and Royal Mail with their standard shipping within 5-10 working days based on the country in the event the clothing is already in stocks. Courier companies lean not to deliver to P. O. Box addresses, for which we request you to give complete address along with the postcode code. Please ensure the address you apply is correct, as we cannot change an address on a parcel once it goes for delivery.

Moreover, please know that residential deliveries to the UNITED STATES and other countries will perhaps be left at your door if someone isn’t there to receive the package. Or if nobody answers the doorbell, our courier teams DHL or Royal Mail will not produce sign proof of delivery made in such instances. To ensure that no problems arise, kindly ensure that somebody is there to claim the package any time courier shipment is attempted.

There’ll be no deliveries on weekends in some countries where five days are working for a week. In various Islamic countries, Fridays are to be normal off days. Besides, deliveries are often through during normal operating hours of dispatch companies, and these differ from country to country. The shipping cost is going to calculate on the checkout page. We have set a customary fix rate for shipping; no matter how various items you order, you will pay only for the fixed rate. We would cover up the additional charges that may take place if it’s not over £20 in extra charges.

Abaya will be transporting all parcels as covered by insurance at completely no added charge to customers. If the transport company fails or does not deliver, you do not endure any kind of loss. In-transit risk is all our responsibility. However, VAT or Custom Taxes and Import Duties are not in our control. They vary based on the rules of various countries and must pay only by the buyer.

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